Depending on your needs our Charcoal burning bbq grills start at $927.19, propane fired pig cookers starts at $1060.04, and a combination BBQ Smoker starts at $1100.00. If your a die hard sports fan we can customize any sports team onto your new BBQ rig, which is great for tailgating for no additional fee. All Barbecue Smokers we sell are equipped with trailers that tow with ease. It's your choice how the Barbecue Grill is positioned on the trailer. If you need input from any of my satisfied customers, references are available. Email us or call directly at (919) 213-8893. We also make propane burners for those of you who already have a BBQ Pit Smoker and want to convert it to propane. Send us the dimensions of your Custom Smoker. In most cases we can fabricate a Pig Cooker Burner and ship same day. Feel free to browse our site for the best prices on all your Trailer Grill needs.