BQ Smokers

Order now and receive 20% off our pull behind smokers for sale. Deduction excludes orders less than $1500.00, Offer expires March 30, 2017.
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We Support Our Troops 25% off any order past and present Military!!!


Accessories And Add-Ons

Pig cooker Burner.   This is a perfect add on for your already made pig cookers or any grill that you want to convert to propane. Our standard burner size is 60" x 1.25" od. Any size can be fabricated. The burners include, 60" x 1.25" od propane burner, adjustable air mixer, adjustable 16" x 60" ss drip pan, welded legs, one on each end of burner, both with drilled holes for easy mounting to your cooker.

$350.00 $35.00 shipping via ups.

59" burner or below price is lower than the standard price. Please ask for a quote for any size you might need.

Stainless steel deep fryer            
14g 304 Stainless Pan, 2-Commercial Fry Baskets, 1/4" Stainless Rod Rack
2 - Basket Pan 14" x 14" 250.00 40.00 shippingBolt on side burners that bolt right on to the tongue of your trailer, comes with everything ready to install $268.07 $40.00 shipping.

Custom made deep fryer
Propane grill burner propane pig cooker burner

Air mixer, great for your homemade burners comes with shutter plate, orifice and spring it burns a pretty blue flame and is guaranteed to work, standard fits 1.25" od pipe but any size can be made, $35.00, shipping $20.00

pig cooker air mixer orifice

Bolt on side burners that bolt right on to the tongue of your trailer, comes with everything ready to install $268.07 $40.00 shipping.

bbq smoker with deep fryers

We ship all small smokers via UPS.

The shipping cost varies from $200.00 - $300.00 within 1000 miles.

All larger smokers are shipped via Ltl freight, the shipping cost varies from $200.00 - $500.00 within 1000 miles.

If you need an exact shipping quote, please contact us through the contact page.  We will respond within one hour 7 days a week.


We Support Our Troop's 25% off all order's Past and Present Military!!!!

All Smokers are mounted on heavy duty pull behind trailers. If you see a model that you would like modified, please let us know.

We offer an option to buy a cooker without a trailer. This type of cooker is priced for the cooker itself, slide out cooking racks and 2 smoke stacks both with adjustable dampners on top.

If you are interested in this type of cooker built on a stand with pneumatic wheels or metal wagon wheels, please feel free to ask for a quote.

Cooking surface on large grills are 4x5 = to 20 sq ft this is enough space for a 300 lb hog and room for more!!! All cooking racks lock when slid all the way out to prevent your food from falling off.

We can ship all Smokers for very reasonable prices.

Please allow 4 weeks build time on larger cookers.