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Big Daddy Smoker


  • 24"x 24" x 1/4" firebox.
  • 36"x36" storage area lined with pressure treated lumber.
  • Wrap around prep table. 
  • 2000lb capacity axle.
  • 2 slide out cooking racks.
  • Fenders.
  • 14" wheels.
  • Trailer jack.
  • Temperature gauge.
  • High pressure propane regulator.
  • 1 60" propane burner inside main chamber with drip pan.
  • 36"x 60" slide out bottom rack.
  • 30"x60" slide out top rack.
  • This grill is great for catering, backyard grilling or, would work great as a competition bbq pits trailers.
  • This one of a kind commercial bbq grill/smoker grill has a 3"  ball valve drain on the floor of the smoker beneath the grates.

reverse flow smoker on trailer bbq smoker

This offer is available for limited time only you can purchase this grill for $3089.91

This is a new, top of the line commercial bbq grill, It has a 60" x 96" x  36" high, storage area that has a drop down gate. This storage box can be used as a vending station, lounge area or a wash station with a 3 compartment sink can be added. This smoker grill also has a 24" x 36" storage area equipped with 2 hand-made lp burners. The grill is gas, wood/charcoal burning a firebox can be added as well. The cooking racks consist of 3 slide out grates that measure 2 foot wide x 5 ft 4 in length. It has two 3" Tell-Tru BBQ Thermometer's, hickory door handle, trailer lights, 22" chrome rims, 3" floor drain under grates, and a trailer jack. Don't miss out on this one, it would make a great gift for your husband, wife or caterer. The price for this BBQ Smoker is $3089.91 and can be delivered anywhere in the US for a very reasonable rate. 

If you have any questions please email us or call directly at (919) 213-8893 This cooker is in stock and can be shipped immediately.

Smoker without trailer $824.20

  • 36"x60" smoker grill main chamber.
  • One 35 3/4"x59 3/4" slide out cooking rack.
  • 2" Tell Tru thermometers.
  • 18"x18"x1/4" firebox with slide out wood rack. 
  • This commercial bbq grill has a 3" ball valve floor drain beneath grates.

Little Papa Backyard Smoker/grill


  • 18"x18"x1/4" firebox w slide out wood rack.
  • 18"x36" cooking surface with slide out cooking rack.
  • Two 2" thermometers.
  • Handle for easy pulling mounted to front of smoker.
  • Four 8" pneumatic wheels & tires.
  • 2" floor drain beneath grates.
  • 36"x18" storage rack under main chamber. 

The Goliath Smoker Commercial BBQ Grill


  • Two  48" x 60" slide out cooking racks, both with cool to touch handles
  • Smoker grill rear mounted
  • Wrap around treated wood prep area (2x10 on front, 2 ft on side)
  • 2 smokestacks with dampers and thermometer(s) on lid
  • 24"x24" firebox attached behind right side of main grill(if looking from front of main grill)
  • 2 18" 200K BTU burners in front of firebox, fully enclosed on 6 inch windscreen
  • Steel cover for burners with handle
  • Steel tool box with treated wood top (behind left side of main grill)
  • 50 gal. gas grill in front of tool box
  • 110 quart cooler holder in front of grill and burners
  • LP holders in front of all
  • 2 High pressure regulators
  • Trailer lights, trailer jack, fenders, 13 inch wheels and tires
  • 3" Floor ball valve drain beneath grates
Large bbq smoker with charcoal grill propane fryers

Big Daddy Smoker grill with sinks 

  • 60" x 36" commercial bbq grill
  • 24"x24" x 1/4" firebox
  • 2 60"x36" slide out cooking grates all with cool to touchhandles                                          
  • 60" pig cooker burner inside smoker grill with adjustable drip pan,
  • 1 high pressure propane regulator,four compartment sink
  • 2.5 gallon water heater
  • 15 gallon fresh water tank with water pump
  • 5 gallon waste water tank
  • trailer jack
  • temp gauge
  • 2 external burners for frying 
  • 3" ball valve floor drain beneath grates
Pig cooker with sinks and firebox
Pig cooker with firebox

Black Widow Smoker Grill


  • 35 3/4"x59 3/4" slide out split cooking rack.
  • 18"x36"x3/8" firebox with slide out wood rack .
  • Removable 36" propane burner for quick log starting.
  • Lights
  • Fenders
  • 15" wheels and tires
  • 3" floor drain beneath grates
  • This commercial bbq grill is great for any occasion.

Rotisserie Spit Smoker Grill


This Pig Spit Roaster for sale is equipped with a 72" spit rod 1 1/4" diameter, 2 spit forks and a high torque 2 rpm Dayton gear motor, this is a one of a kind bearing system that the spit rolls on to keep it rolling smooth. This commercial bbq grill also has a 18" x 18"x1/4" steel firebox with a slide out coal tray, One 36" x 60" slide out cooking grate below spit, 2" Tell- Tru BBQ thermometer, trailer lights, 3" ball valve floor drain beneath the grates,  and a 61" x 12" prep table.

Reverse flow smoker grill


  • 1 slide out 4x5 cooking grate.
  • 18"x18" 1/4" firebox.
  • Reverse flow baffle.
  • Commercial bbq grill Charcoal pan.
  • Fenders.
  • 2 LP frying stations.
  • 36"x36"x14"h storage area with lockable lid.
  • Trailer lights.
  • Temp gauge
  • Trailer jack
  • 3" floor drain beneath grates
Dallas cowboys reverse flow smoker
bbq smoker on trailer with storage area

Money Maker commercial bbq grill


This grill is decked out, it has a 48"x60"x24" high storage area with a swing down gate, 2 slide out cooking grates that measure 60"x36", "18x 18" x 1/4" firebox, 2 removable side burners/fryers, 2 LP tank holders, trailer jack, 3" Tell Tru Thermometer, 60" propane burner in smoker grill with adjustable SS drip pan, Three high pressure propane regulators, and a 3" ball valve floor drain beneath the grates.

Standard Charcoal Grill/Pig Cooker/Smoker Grill


  • Slide out 4x5 cooking grate with pull handle.
  • 12" wheels and tires.
  • Rear access door for coals
  • 3" Tell-Tru BBQ thermometer mounted to door of commercial bbq grill
  • Wrap around prep table 
  • 3" floor drain beneath grates
Charcoal pig cooker on trailer

cheap bbq smokers for sale


Standard Propane/Gas pig cooker commercial bbq grill


  • 48"x60" slide out cooking grate with cool to touch handle in main smoker grill
  • 60" propane burner inside main chamber with adjustable SS drip pan.
  • 2" Ball valve drain mounted to floor beneath grates
  • 2 propane tank holders.
  • One adjustable high pressure propane regulator.
  • All Bullet hinge construction.
  • 3" Tell Tru Thermometer
  • Two 12" Smoke Stacks, both with adjustable flues attached to top.
  • 14"x60" Prep table lined with pressure treated lumber.
  • 13" wheels and tires.
  • Fenders.
  • 2" Hitch Coupler.
  • Trailer lights

The Tailgater Commercial BBQ Grill


  • 48" x 60" main smoker grill
  • Two slide out cooking racks both with cool to touch handles, Bottom rack measures 47 3/4" x 59 3/4", Top rack measures 36" x 59 3/4"
  • 14" x 20" bullet hinged access door on each side of smoker
  • Dual propane burners with adjustable SS drip pan in main chamber
  • 1/4" plate steel reinforced chamber floor
  • Hinged charcoal starter with attached propane burner
  • Charcoal dump 
  • 15"x 15" x 1/4" firebox with slide out wood rack, Cool to touch locking door handle, Air dampner on door of firebox
  • Three external Propane Fryers
  • Shovel/Rake compartment
  • Two propane tank holders
  • 15" x 60" expanded metal prep table
  • Trailer lights
  • Trailer Jack
  • Easy lift shocks on main door
  • Fenders
  • 14" wheels and tires
  • Three adjustable high pressure propane regulators
  • Two 14" smoke stacks, both with adjustable flues 
  • 3" ball valve floor drain mounted beneath grates