BQ Smokers

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​​What are the grills made of?

​They are made of painted carbon steel or stainless steel depending on customer preference.

​What are the burners made of?

​They are a stainless steel tube that we fabricate into a burner. It is guaranteed for the life of the cooker except for outside physical damage.

​What about the cooking surface?

​It and the shelf have a stainless grate for easy cleaning and long life.

​Where does the grease go?

​There is a 3" ball valve drain underneath with a hook to hang a can or bucket on.

​What about flair ups?

​There is a lot of depth between the burner and the cooking grate, the drip pan is completely adjustable to go all the way down towards burner or all the way up away from burner, there is also a Baffle so the unit can get a lot hotter without flair ups.

​How hot will it get?

​550 to 600 degrees F It can get hotter but who wants burnt food?

​How are they assembled?

​All welded construction. Ready to add a full tank and cook.

​How do they last outside?

​They have overhangs on the lid and all openings to shed water. If they stay dry inside they last a long time, we also use a oil based heat paint which repels water.

Do you have to pick up that heavy rack?

No way, all grills come standard with slide out cooking racks with pull handle. The rack locks into position when you slide it all the way out.