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More Smokers

double barbecue trailer

Big Daddy Smoker with warmer box

36" x 60" main cooking chamber, one sliding 4x5 cooking grate on bottom, 3x5 cooking grate on top, 60" propane gas burner with drip pan in main chamber, 24" x 24" x 1/4" firebox, 18" x 36" warming box with 3 18" x 18" sliding racks, 36" x 36" treated wood storage area, 2 propane tank holders, 3 fryers, 15" wheels, 60" x 12" prep table, 2 temp gauges, fenders, trailer lights.



Double Decker Smoker

Two cookers both with 2 sliding 4x5 grates, one burner in each cooker, 2 18"x18" fireboxes so you have the option to use gas or smoke, two temp gauges, two fenders, front prep table on each cooker, dual propane holders and a high pressure propane regulator, This is the ultimate catering rig.



Real Deal

4x5 pull out cooking grate, 2 gas lines for easy flame control, 3' x 4' charcoal pan, temp gauge, trailer lights, 4 adjustable high pressure regulators. 2 side burners for frying, trailer jack, and a wrap around expanded metal prep table.



Standard gas cooker/smoker

4x5 cooking surface, 18x18 1/4" firebox, trailer jack, temp gauge, trailer lights, and fenders, this grill can be customized any way you like it as any grill can.



Four Rack Rotisserie

This is the ultimate tailgaiting/catering rig.
        This smoker comes equipped with 50" x 48" diamater grill, 4 48' x 15" removable rotating racks, propane burner under racks for quick cooks, 2 rpm gear motor 450 cap weight, 24"x24"x1/4" firebox with slide out wood rack, 36" x 36" x 20" strorage area lined with pressure treated wood, 2 200,000 btu side burners, 24" x 30" triple basket deep fryer, sink frame with handwashing sink, and 3 compartment sink, 5 gallon waste water tank, 5 gallon fresh water tank, water pump, hot water heater, hide away door for all these to sit in,15" wheels and tires, temp gauge, high pressure propane regulators, front weigh station, just add your scale, this cooker can be painted and designed any way you like it.



Rotisserie Smoker

        36"x60" main chamber
        4 20"x59" removable rotating cooking racks lined with 3/4"x #9 ss expanded metal. 2"x64" carbon steel rotisserie rod connecting into 2"x4" sleeve bearing.
        60" propane burner inside main chamber with adjustable ss drip pan. 2 rpm Dayton gear motor covered with 14 ga ss sheet metal, waterproofed throughout. 24"x24"x1/4" firebox with 2 air flues on each side. 23 3/4"x 23 3/4"​​​​​ slide out wood rack. 36"x36"x13" angle iron framed storage area lined with pressure treated lumber. 2 14"x14" external burners. 14" x60" prep table lined with pressure treated wood.


mobile bbq rotisserie

Hitch Smoker

16"x30" main chamber
        15 3/4"x 29 3/4"​​​ pull out cooking rack. 30" propane burner with adjustable drip pan inside main chamber. 16"x16"x1/4" firebox with 15 3/4"x 15 3/4" slide out wood rack. 2 air flues on each side of firebox. 4 adjustable/removable legs, legs make hooking up to vehicle a breeze!!! This grill can be used as a stand-alone grill or hooked to your vehicles hitch.  



Two In One Weekender

48"x30" main chamber
        47 3/4" x 29 3/4" slide out cooking rack.
        48" propane burner with adjustable ss drip pan inside chamber. 18"x18"x1/4" offset firebox with 17 3/4"x17 3/4" slide out wood rack. Air flue on firebox door.
        18"x24" charcoal grill with removable charcoal starter.
        17 3/4"x17 3/4" slide out cooking rack.
        Bullet hinge construction on all doors.​
        1 propane tank holder, 2 high pressure propane regulators, 2 2" thermometers, trailer lights, 21"x48" prep table lined with pressure treated lumber mounted on both sides of chamber.​



Combination Grill/Smoker

This grill gives you the best of both worlds. You can smoke, cook with charcoal, or with propane. You can use these options all together or one at a time. What makes this cooker so special you might ask? You can do a 12 hour smoke as followed:
        smoke your meats for the first six hours, turn the propane burner on for the remaining 6 hours. You will already have the smoke flavoring in the meats. The adjustable regulator allows the user to dial it in at your favorite low and slow temperature.

36"x60" main chamber
        35 3/4" x 59 3/4" bottom slide out cooking rack.
        20"x60" slide out top cooking rack.
        60" removable propane burner with adjustable ss drip pan inside main chamber. 30"x30" x 1/4"slide out charcoal pan.
        24"x24"x1/4" firebox with slide out wood rack. Air flue mounted on firebox wall. All bullet hinge construction on all doors. 36"x36"x13" angle iron famed storage area lined with 3/4"x #9 ss expanded metal. 2" ball valve drain under main chamber, trailer lights, 14"x60" prep table lined with pressure treated lumber, fenders, 15" wheels and tires.



Offset Smoker

72"l x 30" diam
        4 slide out lockable cooking racks, all with handles
        Each rack measures 35 3/4" l x 19 3/4" w
        2 easy lift doors both with bullet hinges and lifting handles
        20" x 20" x 1/4" firebox w/ 2 air dampners, one on each side.
        19 3/4" x 19 3/4" slide out wood rack w/ handle
        2 12" l x 3.5" od smoke stacks both with adjustable dampners
        2 3" Tell Tru Thermometers
        Trailer lights
        Trailer Jack
        14" wheels and tires