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Ryan and Emerson I contacted BQ-Smokers and asked them to build a smoker for my husbands birthday that would really knock his socks off. They did exactly that! not only did the smoker exceed expectations, but their customer service is fantastic! they answer all calls, emails and questions so fast and the are so helpful- The owner is an all around great guy. thank you BQ SMOKERS for this fantastic custom made smoker we'll enjoy for years to come. we'll recommend your fine work to everyone we know, Emerson and Ryan ....
Marco Cross - BlueCreek Enterprise LLC. dba Backyard Cuisine
Had a grill that someone else built for charcoal only. Contacted BQ SMOKERS and asked if mine could be converted to gas. After having this shop convert mine over it works great at fair price. Would definitely use this shop again for next grill project. Thanks BQ SMOKERS for your professionalism and delicious shoulders I cook on grill.

Tony McKoy
Thank you for building us a fantastic grill. We have just started our catering service for bbq's and this grill holds enough food to feed 100 people easily. Everyone is always impressed with the design and have nicknamed our grill "The Cadillac!" We look forward to getting our next grill from you too.
You were quick, economical, and went out of your way to give me what I wanted. And you know that was a hard task because I am very picky! You met all of my standards and went above and beyond my expectations.Thanks again! ....
DeWayne Parker
Thank for a great Grill!! My first event will be a Caribbean Festival serving Jerk Chicken.
Grill was constructed very nicely and professional. They made sure the trailer was level and the texture of the grill was very smooth. Love the custom smoke pipe lids. I would recommend real grillers to buy from them!!!
Pete Bagshaw,Bagshaw BBQ Catering, Ontario, Canada
​​BQ SMOKERS , I'd like to mention that the propane burner you built for my BBQ performed excellently. It has exceeded my expectations. The heavy duty construction will provide years of use. Also, thanks for your efforts in getting it shipped to Ontario in a timely manner.
If you are looking for quality equipment at reasonable prices give BQ SMOKERS a call! Cheers and best of luck.....

Michael Troyer's Grill 'n' ChillAwesome Grill!!!
​​Given the name "Money Maker," I am very satisfied with the end product. It is incredibly versatile!
I've been looking at different cookers and web sites for over a year! Look no further! Not only was the price very reasonable, the owner, was very pleasant to work with and exceptionally responsive to questions during the building process.
My first event will be my church's Family and Friends Day picnic in the park. I'm excited and look forward to many events in the future!!
Thanks BQ SMOKERS!!....

Chris Clark
Best bang for your buck. Very professional and courteous. One of the best cookers that I found to fit my needs. I would highly recommend BQ SMOKERS to everyone looking for one. I have used it three times allready and can't wait till the next time. Thanks guys. Chris....

Vince O
​Great value! BQ SMOKERS does quality work for a very reasonable cost. But I must give it to them for being responsive and customer focused. Delivered it to my home and gave me a lesson. Answers calls promptly. Great deal! Great people! ....

Johnny Kentucky
Got my version of the Solitaire in late Dec 2010 and it’s the goods!! You can fit 10-20 briskets in my cooker, depends if you have 1 or 2 racks in it. Or you can put 2 roaster pigs on the one rack. Or 10-20 pork butts with two racks. Either way this cooker can handle a lot of food! I recommend the 60" gas burner with the 18x18 smoke box. The constant heat with the gas is nice and great smoke flavor with the box is a plus. The smoke box can handle the entire cooker but I like the backup constant heat of the gas. Don’t get fooled by other more expensive cookers. These cookers are much less expensive and cook just as good if not better. These guys are old school with their production. If it’s not broke don't fix it. They have also always been available for questions, changes, feedback and advice. Even after the sale. I use my cooker for at work place cook outs and parties as well as the weekend money maker. ....

Received my " Big Daddy BBQ Smoker " on a rainy Thursday morning and was disappointed on only one matter......THAT IT WAS RAINING because I could not wait to start making money with it. BQ SMOKERS is 100% on target in what they say and keeps you posted the whole way on production. This company teases you a bit as well because they pre-smoke the grill for you before you get them so you can almost taste the food in your mouth as soon as you get close to the grill. I believe this is the first of many grills I will order from BQ SMOKERS . ....

​This cooker is so pretty and just what we need. He did a very good job and the service was on point. We got our cooker within 7 days of the order.....

chris bowman
​ordered the standard cooker and am very pleased. great customer service. cooker was much more than expected. very sturdy. very well built. definitely worth the price. also very fast shipping. i am stationed at camp lejeune and recieved my grill in less than a month. he shipped directly to my house. and military guys he does do a 15% discount. great deal. great smoker very pleased.....

Tim Laughman
Thanks BQ SMOKERS I am very satisfied with the cooker. I'll Have to take some time learning how to use what I must say is a professional piece of equipment. Using one of those tin can things you get from home depot for so long has made me think I knew how to cook. Now I see that I have a lot to learn.But this cooker is the best value of any product I have bought in a long time the.The craftsmanship and labor that went into making this is worth at least twice what I gave. The ability to control my temp with the gas and flavor with the fire box is exactly what I needed for the business i'm trying to start. At least now i can be sure if the business doesn't make it it wont be fault of inconsistent food.Thanks a bunch BQ SMOKERS and I hope to be buying a bigger cooker to keep up with my business soon.

Ken Moore Jr
​Thanks for building a great smoker on such short notice. So far we have had such a great time with it. Several parties and trips to the winery and rave reviews from my customers. Looks like it will last a long time. Thank you....

Jim Holovacko
I received my Solitaire last saturday, 12/11 around 4pm. I was already smoking a couple racks of ribs by 6pm. The thing is fantastic. Took a little to get the temperature to where i wanted it, but that's probably just because I never operated something like that. They were always easy to get in touch with if I had any questions and was a pleasure to deal with. I recommend to anyone looking to get into serious BBQ'ing....

Trae Rush & Gary Spivey of Southern Boyz BBQ
Thanks for the great cooker hope to do business with you again soon.....